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Editorial New

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A New (Free to Try) Font by Mathieu Desjardins

Editorial New

8 styles

455 glyphs each

A precise and elegant narrow serif that was designed for the
long-form copy with a big enough personality to make a
statement as a title. It is perfect to give your design that mid 90s
retro feel while being rich and contemporary.

Editorial New started as just an idea, a feeling, a sense of trend. Looking at old 70s and 80s ads for computers and cars, I got a feel for what could become a strong trend in the near future: elegant, clean, robust, legible narrow serifs. The narrow fonts have their place in today’s technological world. With all the small screens, space is of great value for designers and advertisers and in that sense a narrow font always comes in handy.

Now, what you usually see is a lot of narrow sans serifs, rarely will you see a digital interface with a narrow serif. I think this will soon change. Serif fonts are proven to be easier to read and as screens become more and more precise and crammed with more pixels than ever, the text never appeared so sharp.

In the past, with lower resolution screens, we were moving away from fonts with nice curves and intricate serifs, today, it is less the case than ever.

Editorial New newspaper image

I kept close attention to this concept and ideal as I was designing the font. I wanted to create a beautiful, powerful typeface that would create a big impact when used in large sizes but kept it really clean and precise to make sure it was ultimately a text font that would work very well at small sizes. Every curve, stem, bowls, horizontal and diagonal lines were drawn with mathematical precision to make sure this font would withstand the ever evolving designer's needs.

In its lighter weights, Editorial New is elegant, refined and subtle. It’s easy to imagine it being used for the fashion industry in brands or magazines. With its precise legibility, the regular weight is perfect for that long-form editorial content but it is far from being blend.

It will give your text a unique feel and style. The heavier weights are made for big statements. The curves are lushier, a bit more exaggerated to give these weights and ultimately your designs more personality.

Then, the talented team at Locomotive decided to throw in their masterful digital creative skills and created the site you are about to experience. In this fresh and compelling experience, Locomotive was able to capture and showcase the essence of what makes Editorial New such a versatile and powerful typeface.

{ 8 variable weights }
455 glyphs
Editorial New first customizer
Editorial New
↘ Light
Pangram Pangram® Foundry(and) its founder / designer ↓↓ { Mąthieu Desjardins }
offers you an ełegant «&» retro cøntemporary new font
— Editorial New.
Thin - 100
Ultralight - 200
Light - 300
Regular - 400
Medium - 500
Bold - 700
Ultrabold - 800
Heavy - 900
Editorial New Ultralight
  • Editorial New Thin
  • Editorial New Ultralight
  • Editorial New Light
  • Editorial New Regular
  • Editorial New Medium
  • Editorial New Bold
  • Editorial New Ultrabold
  • Editorial New Heavy
Editorial New second customizer
(Editorial New — Light)
The future is now
Pangram Pangram Foundry

Don’t be (fooled)
by the name ↘↘
Editorial New
is »not« meant just for print.
It was designed with web
in — mind.

Editorial New on desktop screen
Editorial New on laptop screen
Editorial New on tablet screen
Editorial New on mobile screen

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Editorial New ligature background
Editorial New ligature example
This font has a
bunch of special characters
and cool accents.



Editorial New Font was designed by Mathieu Desjardins, designer for more than a decade that worked with agencies and many local and international clients.

At Pangram Pangram®, we truly believe that our fonts should be shared and that the typefaces we create should amplify ideas and make designs greater.


This (awesome) website—courtesy of Locomotive. Our philosophy is built on people who love creating, learning and growing together. A team with ties that transcend the workplace.


The visuals used on this site come from advertising archives from the 80s. All the rights of these images remain the property of the brands who created them.